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Complete form and drop off at FVAMC or mail to FVAMC . 35 Harris Road . Avon . CT 06001


The buildings and properties of Farmington Valley American Muslim Center, Inc. (FVAMC) are held in trust by the members of FVAMC as a place of worship, fellowship, education, outreach and service.  These properties and facilities are to be used primarily for the Center’s activities.  However, we recognize that the Center’s services to its members and to the community at large are enhanced through a broader use of its facilities.  Therefore, it is our intent to make these properties and facilities available to both member and non-member individuals and groups, including religious, civic, charitable, cultural and educational groups, as well as to individuals and groups in ways that are consistent with the guidelines set by the Board of Trustees and outlined in this policy.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to approve or reject a group’s request for use of its facilities. It is not the intention of FVAMC to replace or compete with available commercial facilities in the community. Use of the building, grounds, facilities and equipment results in expense to the Center.  This policy details fees that will be used to defray this expense. In rare instances, unforeseen needs of the Center for the use of the facilities, such as weddings or funerals, may take precedence over previously scheduled events.  In such a case it might be necessary to reschedule the event or restrict the use of parking areas.  The Center will make every effort to avoid such conflicts.


The Center’s building, grounds, facilities and equipment may be used by the following entities, in order of priority:

  1. FVAMC functions and activities, and Center related and approved groups and committees.  Completion of an application form is unnecessary; however, events must be scheduled through the Center’s event coordinator.
  2. FVAMC individual and group members for personal use functions within a worship context.  An application must be submitted to the Center’s office three (3) weeks prior to the scheduled event.  Final approval is subject to availability, FVAMC Board of Trustees approval and must meet FVAMC guidelines and fees.
  3. Outside groups with no recognized affiliation with FVAMC.  Applications will be entertained only from non-profit organizations whose purposes and activities contribute to the welfare of the community at large, and whose objectives and activities are consistent with the mission of FVAMC. An application and a copy of a Certificate of Insurance Liability must be submitted to the Center’s office three (3) weeks prior to the scheduled event.  Approval is subject to availability, FVAMC Board of Trustees approval and FVAMC guidelines and fees.


The Center may not be used for any of the following:

  1.  Partisan political groups.
  2. For-profit activities from which the Center receives no direct benefit.
  3. Organizations whose activities are in conflict with the mission and vision of FVAMC.


  1. The following are guidelines for the use of FVAMC facilities.  Any exception to these provisions and guidelines, or items not specifically addressed shall require approval by the Board of Trustees.
  2. The usage of FVAMC may not conflict with the purpose or policies of the congregation.
  3. The requested application form is attached and must be completed and submitted to the FVAMC office via email at
  4. FVAMC will assign an Event Liaison who will be present on the premises during the entire event. The Liaison will provide guidance to the event organizers and ensure adherence to this policy. The event organizer will pay a fee for this mandatory service.
  5. The facility may only be used in a manner and to the extent stated in the application form.  Area of use is limited to that for which permission is granted. Continued future use of these facilities is dependent on the care taken by users.
  6. Each request must identify an adult person representing the group and taking full responsibility for the application. This individual must be present with the group at all times when the facility is in use.
  7. Permission to use the Center facilities and equipment does not include liability on the part of the Center for property damage or personal injury or any other liability whatsoever resulting from the group’s activities or events.
  8. The Prayer Hall (Musalla) is to be used for the worship of God.   It will not normally be used for any purpose other than religious ceremonies and member meetings within the discretion of the Board of Trustees.
  9. All individuals are expected to be observant of Islamic etiquette while on the premises.  This includes a modest dress code and removal of shoes upon entering the Musallah. No food or drink may be taken into the Musallah.
  10. No decorations may be attached to fixed portions of the facilities or attached in any way that will leave damaging effects to the building or furnishings.  The use of candles or open flames is NOT permitted unless specific approval has been granted.
  11. None of the facilities may be used for the purpose of making a profit for the private benefit of any of the applicant group’s members.
  12. Fundraising is only allowed upon the documented approval of the Board of Trustees.
  13. Serving and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited in the building and on the premises.
  14. Use of illicit drugs is strictly prohibited in the building and on the premises.
  15. FVAMC is a non-smoking facility and smoking is prohibited on its property.
  16. Any publicity for an event not sponsored by FVAMC, whether in the form of brochures, e-mail, web information, or media advertisements, must state clearly and visibly the following: Farmington Valley American Muslim Center is not a sponsor of this event.
  17. If minors are present during an approved event in the FVAMC facility, the group must provide adequate adult supervision.  Depending on the circumstances, the group may be asked to supply additional information, such as permission letters from parents/guardians, medical and insurance information, etc.
  18. No furnishings or equipment shall be borrowed or removed from the building or grounds.
  19. If the user of the facility requires special arrangement for movable furniture or a special set up, a floor plan must be submitted for approval to the FVAMC office a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled event.
  20. Groups using the facilities may use the kitchen space to organize prepared food.  Cooking is NOT allowed. All groups must provide their own supplies including plates, cups, utensils, etc.
  21. No food or drinks are allowed in any area other than the kitchen and Dining/Fellowship Hall.
  22. Persons are to act responsibly and demonstrate good citizenship.  No roughhousing or other loud or rude behavior will be permitted.
  23. The heating and cooling controls are preset.  The thermostat is not to be adjusted.
  24. Groups will be responsible for leaving the facilities used in a clean and orderly condition such that the facility is ready for use immediately afterwards.  Furniture and equipment must be restored to its original position, kitchen and kitchen equipment left in clean condition, and trash disposed in the outside dumpster.
  25. DAMAGE AGREEMENT: It is understood that financial responsibility for any damage to building or facilities resulting from the use rests with the user of the facility. It is expected that the user will use diligent care to prevent any damage.
  26. The contact person for the group is responsible for ensuring that all lights are turned off after use, the reserved spaces are clean, doors are locked, and the key is returned to FVAMC.  This will be overseen by the FVAMC Event Liaison.
  27. At the conclusion of an event, groups must remove food and personal items.  FVAMC assumes no responsibility for articles left or lost at the facility.
  28. Security is the responsibility of anyone using the facilities. Activities are to be restricted to the areas assigned and care shall be taken to ensure that those areas and access to the Center facilities are properly secured when leaving. Care shall be taken to safeguard keys so that only authorized persons use them and no copies are made.  This will be overseen by an FVAMC Onsite Liaison.
  29. Cars are to be parked in proper parking places. Any car left overnight will be towed at the owner’s expense.


In the event of a natural disaster or other such catastrophic event, the facility may be made available to federal, state, and local authorities as deemed appropriate by the Board of Trustees.



Fees are listed on a per use basis.
1-4 Hours: Donation of $250 (+ $100 Refundable Deposit).
4+ Hours: Donation of $400 (+ $100 Refundable Deposit).

Please note:

  1. The Board of Trustees may waive or modify the above listed fees at their discretion.
  2. Deposit is due upon approval of the application, and no later than one day afterwards.
  3. Deposit will be returned only if the facility was returned in the same condition received.
  4. Full payment of fees is due at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
  5. Fees will be refunded if the facilities become unavailable or if reservation is cancelled twenty-four (24) hours prior to scheduled usage.