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We are a group of Muslims in the Farmington Valley area (Farmington, Avon, Canton, and surrounding towns), Connecticut who have incorporated the Farmington Valley American Muslim Center Inc. in January 2013 as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) religious entity. Our tax exempt number is 46-1780347.




Our Center aspires to be recognized for worship of God, interfaith understanding and dialogue, service to community and country, and as a secure, nurturing venue where our community can congregate. Our mission is to foster generations of Muslims who are proud of their American identity and Islamic heritage through service to God and community.



Our objectives are to create a venue for Muslims in the Farmington Valley to receive Islamic education and fulfill their religious and spiritual obligations, promote understanding of Islam and other religious traditions through interfaith dialogue, and serve the community at large through outreach and partnerships.



  • Creating an open, fun, inclusive space to include the diverse Muslim community.
  • Creating positive spaces for women and youth.
  • Fostering knowledge of Islam in the larger community to promote interfaith harmony and understanding.
  • Involvement in the greater human community by championing social causes, doing  good works, providing a welcoming interfaith space and community building, and empowering our community materially, ideologically, and  spiritually.



So what’s in a logo? A lot!  Our logo speaks volumes about who we are and what we are about.  Like the flower in the logo, made brilliant by the various sizes and shades of its petals – coming together in complete synergy and harmony -, we are a vibrant community, strengthened by our diversity. We come together as one to form an integrated community, celebrating our American Muslim identity with the goal of fulfilling our mission:  to nurture and inspire our youth, champion interfaith understanding and dialogue, and to serve the community.

Green was the favorite color of our prophet, peace be upon him. Our scripture describes those in heaven as wearing garments of green silk.  Also, the color green falls precisely in the middle of the visible light spectrum – between red and blue -, thus signifying the importance of balance, falling to neither extreme.  Finally, the color green (chlorophyll) produced in the process of photosynthesis, is universally a source of all life.  Without it, there would be no vegetation for humans or animals (to subsist on), and thus its very existence completes the cycle of life.  A symbolic color in many ways.